A little bit about the owners 


Hedi Headley, a Gerontology Specialist, has tirelessly explored the impact the aging process has on people in today’s world.  She hosted a syndicated radio show for over 20 years aptly called Your Second 50 Years that brought both important news and entertainment to listeners. Hedi interviewed authors, physicians and scientists among others to garner opinions and research on the latest findings that may benefit people as they age.  The show’s format included fascinating and intimate interviews with the celebrities we have all known and loved from afar.


Hedi Headley’s career in the entertainment field included a talent agency in Philadelphia, New York, and later Phoenix owned by herself and business partner Helen McKnight.  The focus was on producing major events and celebrities in concert and the casting of many movies in the Arizona desert. Hedi like Helen owned and produced both the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant and the Ms. Senior Florida Pageant.  Helen McKnight began her business partnership with Hedi Headley over 25 years ago, bringing a strong background in administration management, the employment market, human resource development and the hospitality industry.  A ready advocate for people entering their second fifty years, Helen stood as editor of the Sun Cities Profile Magazine in Arizona and Producer for Your Second 50 Years syndicated radio show.   Helen has been involved with television, models, movies and special productions for over twenty years.


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